Say “no” to cold necks.

When ever my neck gets cold I become crankier than normal. I recently started knitting chunky infinity scarves and now my neck is never cold. I knitted more than enough scarves for myself and since they are so fun to knit I decided to make some to sell.

Here are three scarves I knitted and struggled not adding to my heaping basket of scarves.

Click on title and you will be redirected to my Etsy shop..

Pink Flamingo Infinity Scarf


Dandelion Chunky Infinity Scarf


Arm Knitted Gray Infinity Scarf



Stay warm!


Cee Otter!

The Odd Ball Blanket

I always give my mom a knitted gift for Christmas. She has tons of scarves, hats, gloves, and socks. This Christmas I wanted to do something different and special.

I stared at my huge basket of odd balls and pondered what I could make. After much thought the idea to knit her a blanket popped into my head.

I have always wanted to make a blanket but never wanted to spend the money to buy enough yarn for a blanket.

I wanted the blanket to be colorful and chunky so I chose size 13 circular needles and two strands of worsted weight yarn and got to work.

After almost a month of working on the blanket I finished on Christmas Eve along with many other knitted goodies.

Her are some photos of the end result! IMG_0133.jpgIMG_0132.jpgIMG_0135.jpg

It was a really chilly day in Indiana and my momma’s face shows her discomfort (hahaha).

Have a happy day!

~Cee Cee (Knittah 4 Lyfe)



Life Inspires my Knitting

While technically I am an adult, I still have a childish heart. I enjoy all types of animals. The uglier and goofier the better. For an example I love blobfishes. 9351589556_52b916256c_b.jpg They are so ugly but their faces look like adorable grumpy grandfathers.

Over the years I have knitted many silly hats from snakes to colorful ponies.

Years ago I opened an Etsy site and it was just extremely time consuming.

But since knitting is one of the few things that make me happy I have decided to ignore the dreadful things about Etsy, like promotion, and focus on the fact I am doing something I truly enjoy.

Late last night I listed my first three items.

Disclosure this adorable little girl is not my child. My only children are furry and slobbery.




More to come soon like chunky scarves and women’s beanies.



The Chunkier The Better

Over the years I have made many different types of knitted scarves. I never truly fell in love with any of the styles I chose until one day recently my older brother showed me a video about arm knitting. Minutes later I was at the yarn store buying the chunkiest yarns I could find. After making a couple arm knitted infinity scarfs I realized I love chunky and fluffy yarn. I finally found my scarf style and I have even bought huge knitting needles so I can also knit scarves the regular way.

My favorite yarn thus far to use for arm knitting is Chunky Yarn by Loops & Threads.  The yarn feels like a cloud hugging your neck.

My top yarn pick for knitting with large needles is Cozy Wool by Loops & Threads.

The moral of the story is the chunkier the better for me. 

Odd Pack


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